Hi, All Club Secretaries and Contacts.


As you all know that things are going to be different this year with Coronavirus changing things, we have

taken for granted for years so with this in mind I have contacted the Executive of EHBL and only one has not

replied so I must now give Clubs, Secretaries and Contacts of our decision for Leagues and Competitions for 2020 Season.

1.  All Competitions will be CANCELLED with perhaps the Ranson Cup could be left to the end of the Season perhaps August/September.

(of course you are into darkness early in September) .

2.  We could see if it is possible to play a small version of the Leagues if it is possible.


3.  We have the monies for Comps and Registrations for 2020 which has been suggested we keep for if we are lucky enough to get started

every one must be Registered, if we keep monies then next Season will be FREE.


4.  We have agreed that we will update our League on the 30th of each month and keep you all up to date.


5.  Of course lots of other things come into play as perhaps some Clubs will not open their greens any time this 2020 and many other things may transpire.


6.  Finals Day 13th September will be CANCELLED for 2020 also our New Presentation Sunday Lunch in October will also be CANCELLED

I hope we can get something good out of this terrible situation and please do not hesitate to contact me for any problems that might occur.



Finally, KEEP SAFE and WELL.



Best Regards Always.



Steve Folbigg, EHBL Hon. Secretary