2020 Committee Members Contacts
Position Name e Mail Address
President Graham Morris president@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Vice President Martin Gasson vice-president@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Chairman Jim Winters chairman@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Club Secretary Michael McRae club-secretary@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Assistant Secretary Rhona McRae assistant-club-secretary@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Treasurer Graham Morris club-treasurer@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Assistant Treasure Jim Winters assistant-club-treasurer@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Fixture Secretary John Gardner fixture-secretary@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Mens Captain Keith Greenough mens-captain@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Mens Vice Captain John Robinson mens-vice-captain@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Ladies Captain Vacant ladies-captain@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Ladies Vice Captain ACTING :- Diane Brundritt ladies-vice-captain@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Mid Week Captain (Vets) John Robinson mid-week-captain@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Mid Week Vice Captain (Vets) Dave Sutton mid-week-vice-captain@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Competition Secretary Les Keen competition-secretary@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Web Master Les Keen web-site-administrator@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Welfare Officer Mel Squires welfare-officer@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Jubilee Organiser John Gardner jubillee-league-secretary@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Committee Member Adrian Shackell N/a
Club House Chair Person Jim Winters club-chair-person@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
Bar Committee Member Sue Winters N/a
Bar Committee Member Alan Deluce N/a
Bar Committee Member Keith Greenough N/a
Bar Committee Member Martin Gasson N/a
Bar Committee Member Graham Morris N/a
Bar Committee Member Adrian Shackell/td> N/a
Bar Committee Member Irene Williams N/a
Club Auditor 1 Vacant n/a
Club Auditor 2 Bob Page club-audit2-bob@stevenagetownbowls.co.uk
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