Stevenage Town Bowls Club

Founded in 1942

To contact StevenageTown Bowls Club please e mail:-

Total Charity Money Paid in for 2019

Ladies Christmas Dinner Date
Wednesday 11th December 2019


at the Draper's Arms starting at :-


12 noon arrive - start meal 12.30pm (By Waitrose Store in High Street)


After you have clicked on the link below.

Please choose your choice of meal from the Menu poster listed.


After you have listed your choices,

please use Rose Fletcher's e-mail address as shown on bottom of menu poster.


This will allow Rose to order the correct meals for you all, prior to the day of the event .


Please click here to see full details of the Event.
Presentation night is on Saturday 2nd November



Doors open at 7pm -------starting at 7.30pm



Please click here to see full details